Lancaster Premium Carpet Cushion Pad Sale

Lancaster Pad Sale – Call today to grab up this terrific carpet pad.  Adds comfort underfoot.  Extends life of your carpets!  Helps to maintain room temperatures.  Available in 20 sq. yd rolls (180 sq. ft.).  Just call 1-844-200-7600 to order your pad today!

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Lancaster Carpet Cushion 7/16″THICK – 8# DENSITY 20 sq/yd rolls on sale now with warranty for life of carpet. Many of our customers used this in replacing homes hit by floods.  Eco-Friendly.  Made In U.S.A.  Available in Dalton, Ga., Decatur, Ga., Nashville, Tn. , Columbia, SC., Greenville, SC., Concord, NC., Greensboro, NC., Raliegh, NC., Orlando, FL., Richond, VA., and Wytheville, VA.

Your Carpet Pad Sale! Get our lowest price only $3.60 sq. yd.
that is only $0.40 sq. ft.

20 Sq. Yd Rolls Minimum 5 rolls – 100 sq.yd. rolls
$72.00 per roll
Our best seller for years!

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