Patterned Nylon Carpet on Sale in New Moon 32 oz. for only $7.20 sq. yd. $0.80 sq. ft.


Affordable Patterned Nylon Commercial Carpet for Light Commercial use and Residential.
Can be used in Basements, Home
 offices, Motel rooms, Church nursuries, or most any residential room.

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This light commercial cut-uncut carpet is ideal for Motel, Church, Offices, Basements, Apartments, and Room Carpets is on sale now!
Nylon carpet naturally resist wear.  Very affordable Carpet!

12 ft. wide rolls priced at under $1.00 sq. ft.

Rolls are 85-166.67 sq.yds. available

$7.20 sq. yd. or $0.80 sq. ft. Special

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