Do you need a Price on Bruce Hardwood Floors?  Call us now 1-706-537-7462 or 1-844-200-7600. Contact us now and we will give you the absolute lowest discounted price.

Need an engineered or a solid hardwood floor? Oak, Hickory, Maple, Cherry, Walnut and Birch flooring!  Most are available through AbsoluteFlooring.US.  Bruce Hardwood is one of the best brands of prefinished hardwood floors in the U.S.A.

 You can save also on handling! Simply due by picking up your flooring at one of our affiliate warehouses. Most of all, our best locations are located throughout the eastern seaboard and southeastern states. Therefore, we can connect you with your flooring much faster and easier.

 As a result, you will save more, if you live near some larger cities. Locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. Also, we have locations in Delaware and in Maryland.

 The result, you can save even more on shipping & handling fees by using these facilities.

  While Bruce makes prefinished flooring in the traditional smooth surfaces, it is now making distressed and handscraped flooring.  Also. square edged and a variety of beveled edged profiles are also now available. 

  Here are some Solid Hardwood floors! American Treasures, Dundee Plank and Strip. Also, Fulton, Kennedale, Manchester, Natural Choice, Waltham, and Forest Glen.   

  Engineered Hardwood floors are available, too! Bruce American Maple, Originals, and Vintage, and American Lock & Fold. Brushed Impressions Hickory and Oak, Colony Plank, Frontier Birch and Frontier Hickory.  Springdale Plank, Turlington Exotics and Signature Series, and Westchester English Oak. 

  Call us for the lowest discount sale price.  Compare your local prices, then 1-844-200-7600 or 1-706-537-7426 and you will save even more.



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